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A well rounded association of martial arts systems


Japanese  JuJitsu Gi  grappling 

Ryan Yarbrough competing @ Point Karate Tournament 

Moo Sul Kwan Hapkido Class @ Yarbrough Martial Arts Academy 



Ryan Yarbrough Bare Knuckle Karate Fights @ Old School National Karate Tournament hosted by Hanshi Ernest Dukes . Ryan placed 3rd Bronze medal for the world title  .

World Champion Hanshi James White  of Landcaster SC , 2nd place Master Don Lathem of NC .

MasterRyan Yarbrough with Triangle hold going for the choke in Hapkido 

Renshi Ryan Yarbrough >Japanese JiuJItsu team Rhino competing @ Kuro Bushi Martial Arts Organization  International  JuJitsuFight Day > 

 Kickboxing @ Mid South Boxing 

Lil Rhino Ryan Yarbrough weapon  fighting @ tournament Concord NC 

Renshi Ryan Yarbrough honoring special guest  Prof Tony Maynard the God Father of Sport Ju Jitsu at the Japanese JuJitsu sport tournament all standup and ground fighting and Gi and No Gi grappling .

 Andrew  team Rhino - Submission Grappling  .



 Ryan Yarbrough Naska Karate tournament 


Ryan Yarbrough JuJitsu Gi grappling 


Ryan Yarbrough boxing matches 


 2015 Renshi Ryan (The Rhino) Yarbrough won the world title belt for the World title fights in JuJitsu . Mr.Ryan is featured in this pic with his JuJitsu competition Team Rhino and the tournament  with the promoter  Hanshi Ernest Dukes standing beside Renshi Ryan.


Ryan Yarbrough World Cup Champion of Sport Ju Jitsu tournament in 2009 @ Triad ShowCase of Martial Arts 

2014 Renshi Ryan Yarbrough placed 2nd for the world title in JuJItsu . Ryan lost this last fight to Sensei Trey Singleton a very talented MMA Champion .


  2019 Ryan Yarbrough placed 2nd for the JuJitsu world title to his student  . 2019World Champion Jeremiah Miller .


2016 Ryan Yarbrough coached Sensei Farlow to 2nd place JuJitsu world title fights . World champion Judo black belt Robbie Adams .


2017 Ryan Yarbrough coached Adam Wardell to World Champion Jujitsu 

Team Rhino competing @ Sport JuJitsu div @  tournament Salisbury 

Union County Karate Nationals . Team Rhino.

 We believe in a well rounded program from standup striking to the ground fighting.

Master Ryan has a strong record in competing and training & coaching competitors .

Elite freestyle Hapkido started with Master Ryan , his Dad   Master Horace Sessoms , and Nephew Cody Campbell .   

Master Ryan went on to be a freestyle fighter .

Master Horace went on to be undefeated 5 - 0 Sport  Ju Jitsu tournaments and competed in Karate tournaments 

Master Cody Campbell  went on to be undefeated in kickboxing 8 -0 and also competed in high school wrestling tournaments & Karate tournaments .

                                                                                                                Elite Free Style Hapkido  is commonly used in martial arts tournaments with competitors competing in sport JuJitsu , submission grappling , Point Karate , Bare Knuckle Karate ,  Taekwondo , Kickboxing , Boxing and Stick & Sword fighting tournaments .



The Hapkido 


The Science of Martial Arts self - defense .

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