Dojo News @ Yarbrough Martial Arts Academy .

Nov American Ninjutsu seminar 2.5 of NinJutsu seminar by Sensei Tim Ross. Tuesday night starts at 6 p.m

Oct Halloween Dojo party 

Oct 12th Hapkido clinic  on cane & Joint locks by Grand Master Troy Trodeau and assistance Master Chris Evens 

Oct yellow belt test for kids Hapkido class

September adults and high ranked kids belt test . 

Aug 17th TaeKwonDo & HapKiDo  Seminar with Grand Master Byung Seok Lee

July 12th Black belt testing in Hapkido 

July 9th Self Defense @ Thomasville public library 

Taught by Master Jon Farlow , Master Ryan Yarbrough, Sabum Stephanie Yarbrough ,  and Sensei Michael Southern

June 24 8th annual Elite Free Style Hapkido Association 

Hosted at White Tiger Self Defense Academy Jacksonville NC

Master Sam Albright 

June 8th Kuro Bushi Karate & JuJitsu tournament  world title tournament 

Ju Jitsu black belt test 

Sensei Jon Farlow & Sensei Jeremiah Miller 


Emily Farlow (Lil E ) competing in her 3rd tournament this year and 2nd tournament Sport JuJitsu 2018.

 June 8th 2019 


Professor Tony Maynard JuJitsu Clinic 




 Sensei Jeremiah Miller 2nd Sport JuJitsu tournament of the year .


Kids 2nd belt test promotion in Karate @ YMA

Sensei Tim Ross promoted Ryan Yarbrough to Sho Dan black belt Instructor American Ninjutsu

Sensei Farlow to Ni Dan 2nd Degree black belt  American NinJutsu 

Jerry Dehart to San Dan 3rd Degree black belt in American NinJutsu 

Sara Farlow Black belt promotion 2013 to 2018

Kassidie & Merry Fighting 


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