A martial arts family

Bill Superfoot Wallace Kickboxing Camp Superfoot System

American NinJutsu Academy

Bill Superfoot Wallace teaching us proper stretching

American Ninjutsu Academy


Ryan Yarbrough Hapkido Seminar @ Mid South Boxing

2012 Elite FreeStyle Hapkido Assoc Camp . Seminar by Ray Chatman whom came from Bandon Oregon to stay a week & earn his black belt under Ryan Yarbrough in Hapkido

Master Ray Chatman & Grand Master Craig Hamm

Kenpo Karate black belt test 2015

Ryan  Yarbrough 1st Tournament @ 3 yrs old


Sensei Michael Southern getting that gun disarmed by Sensei Felix Boggan @ GM E Dukes Seminar

Sensei Chad Nealey & Sensei Stephanie Yarbrough

Bill Superfoot Wallace & Sensei Cody Campbell 2007

Sensei Horace Sessoms & Sensei Cody Campbell

American NinJutsu Academy


World MooSul Kwan Federation Mini Camp under President GM Derman Hodge 2016


DR.GM World Champ Michael Willett,GM Hapkido Craig Hamm,Master Ryan , Sensei Felix Boggan , GM E Dukes , Master Jonathan Edmondson

Bill ( super foot ) Wallace Seminar @ Hanshi Jessie Bowen Karate School

Hapkido Class

TK & Ryan

Ryan Yarbrough Seminar

Ryan Yarbrough Kick Boxing Camp

Van Dam look out for Master Jon Farlow

Hapkido wrist lock



Grand Master Derman Hodge killing Master Ryan

Sensei Danny Bundy and Grand Master Derman Hodge

My Mentor & Hero Master Sam Albright

Sensei Danny Bundy


Master Ray Chatman OR

Master Craig Hamm TN

Master Ryan Yarbrough NC

Grand Master E Dukes

Master Ryan

Grand Master James White

Ryan Yarbrough receiving membership under  President Master Sam Albright in All Korean Martial Arts Association .

Master Ryan Yarbrough with Sensei Danny Bundy ,Bill (superfoot ) Wallace , Master Sam Albright , Sensei Adam Wardell , Sensei Jon Farlow

Hapkido class @ American NinJutsu Academy .

Bill ( SuperFoot ) Wallace seminar hosted by Hanshi Jessie Bowen

Sabum Stephanie Yarbrough receiving  martial arts Hall of Honor from Hanshi E.DUKES Kuro Bushi Martial Arts Organization

Shihan Jonathan Edmundson


Sensei Chad Nealey @ KBMA Tournament


Sensei Stephanie and Ryan Yarbrough



1st  place Trey Singleton 2nd place John Brantley 3rd place Ryan Yarbrough


Elite FreeStyle Hapkido


Ryan Yarbrough / Troy J Price / Jason May / Chad Nealey

The first step to becoming a warrior starts here at the dojo/dojang!!



 My friend Grand Master Michael Allison - It is always an honor to train under him .He has vast knowledge and has trained under a lot of world wide top notch martial artist .


My friend Master Dwain Freeman from Denton Martial Arts  


  Ryan learning under Master Juan Manuel Rodriguez


Learning Knife fighting from my friend Master Al Yisreal  


Grand Master Don Isaak teaching us  Karate / Jiu Jitsu 


 Sensei Tina Dukes seminar!

 Sir Tim Ross seminar on American NinJutsu ...

Sensei Felix Boggan teaching grappling ...

Master Ryan Yarbrough learning from some top notch instructors in Soke Blaine Grissoms  Lion Den Martial Arts Academy -SaJaDo ...

 Master Don Isaak martial arts seminar ...


Sensei Felix Boggan Hall of Honors by Grand Master Ernest Dukes ! OSH

Grand Master Michael Willett

Chad Nealey

 Shihan Jonathan Edmondson  

 Horrace Sessoms / Cody Campbell / Ryan Yarbrough


Ryan Yarbrough learning under Soke Blaine Grissom Hapkido Seminar !



Ray Chatman came from Oregon to earn his Sai Dan under Ryan Yarbrough and did a great seminar for the Elite Free Style Hapkido Association Camp


Chair Defense by International NinJutsu  instructor Sir Tim Ross...

 Preacher Jesse Crooks giving us the word .Amen

With out the Lord Jesus Christ we wouldn't be here to day all thanks & praise is to him .


Hall of Honor and head of Northern Governer



 Grand Master Ernest Dukes awarding Ryan Yarbrough for the   submission grappling seminar !

   Ryan Yarbrough teaching Armbar

 Front Choke  

 Disarming ! 

   Soke Craig Hamm and Master Ryan Yarbrough

 Grand Master Michael Willett seminar.

 Ryan Yarbrough getting armbar ! 

Ryan Yarbrough and student Rob Auman 

 @ Ryan Yarbrough Hapkido  seminar in Aug of 2012 Sensei Rob Auman earned his 2nd Dan black belt in Elite FreeStyle Hapkido.

Seminar with Grand Master Ernest Dukes/ Grand Master Micheal Willett/ Grand Master Craig Hamm /Grand Master Allison Master Ryan Yarbrough and many more!

Grand Master Michael.Willett/Soke Craig Hamm/Sensei Felix Boggan/E,Dukes  

 Grand Master E.Dukes/Sensei Felix Boggan/Ryan Yarbrough

Sensei Ryan with Steve Snyder a black belt in BJJ under Robson Moura, also holds black belts in TaeKwondo,Joe Lewis and Bill superfoot Wallace systems. 

 Sensei Ryan, Robson Moura - 8x BJJ World Champion and MMA Fighter, and student Chad Nealey 

 American FreeStyle Hapkido Association Seminar,Trinity NC

Hosted by Master  Ryan Yarbrough  Coordinated by Sensei Horace Sessoms and Cody Campbell .

World Hapkido Association  hosted by Master Monty Hendrix of essential martial arts Greensboro NC 

Seminars by

10th Dan Legendary Grand Master Hwang In-Shink

 8th Dan Grand Master Tae Jung

5th Dan Master Dan Pillar

4th Dan Jason Jung

4th Dan Master Hendrix and James Dante

Karate Grand Master and Kickboxing legend Vic Moore sparring with Bruce Lee in CA  

Fighting stregity in MFS  with 5 time UFC world champion
Pat Miletich!!!

Swainsboro N.C Halloween Karate Classic.



Sabum Nim Ryan Yarbrough a proud daddy of Kassidie Jr Black Belt & RyTy Orange belt @ 9yrs & 4yrs old

American NinJutsu Academy

Sabum Nim Ryan Yarbrough

Ryan Yarbrough Jiu Jitsu seminar @ Kuro Bushi Martial Arts Organization 2013


Grand MasterE Dukes ,Sensei Felix Boggan,Master Ryan

Ryan & Stephanie Yarbrough with Grand Master Derman Hodge President of World Moo Sool Kwan Federation  @ Elite FreeStyle Hapkido Association

GM Troy Trodeau President of World Tae Sool Association


Yes that is me !!!!

GM Troy Trudeau & Master Ryan

The best Ninja I know my instructor  Sir Tim Ross with his son

3 Generations of martial arts

Horace Sessoms , Cody Campbell , Ryan Yarbrough

Ryan with Sensei Chad Nealey

American NinJutsu Academy

All winners @ Nationals

Master Ryan 7th National Championship 2015

Hapkido Kids Class

Kenpo Karate Sensei Ryan & SenseiMichael Burger

Hapkido Class

Sensei Jon Farlow & Adam Warlell

Sir Tim Ross Board of Director for EFHA and Tester for Kenpo test

Sensei Jon Brantly honoring Master Ryan @ the Kuro Bushi Martial Arts Organization

Grand Master Derman Hodge Seminar 2016

KBMA JIU JITSU Tournament 2015

Refree Sensei Felix Boggan

World Champion  Ryan Yarbrough

2nd Chad Nealey

3rd Jon Farlow

Michael Southern 2nd

Adam Wardell 2nd

Jeremiah Miller 1st

Kassidie Yarbrough 1st

TK 2nd

President KBMA  Hanshi E Dukes presents World Title Belt to Ryan Y

Ryan Yarbrough Karate Fight

2016 KBMA Tournament Black Belt WORLD TITLE DIVISION

Sensei Robbie Adams World Champ

Sensei Jon Brantly

Sensei Adam Wardell

Sensei Jon Farlow

Japanese Jiu Jitsu World Cup Champion 2009 .MMA rules.

IKF Point American Kickboxing Champion .

Ryan Yarbrough promoting Mr. Kane to black belt in Kickboxing .

Renshi Ryan Yarbrough hosted Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt 4x world champion Fernando Salvador seminar .

I was the 3rd man standing for the Bare Knuckle Karate World Title KBMA losing to Master Donald Latham and the Champ Legendary Hanshi James White .

 Jiu Jitsu Tournament.

Fighting Chuck Norris black belt in Chun Kuk Do .Myrtle Beach SC .2010

Old School National Karate point sparring @ Kuro Bushi Martial Arts Tournament / SKIL @ Greensboro NC  Sports Arena .

Kassidie Yarbrough wining Foot Hill Karate Classic championship  Salisbury NC2013


Kuro Bushi Martial Arts Organization seminars with Sensei Ryan Yarbrough ground grappling and many more top notch Karate Masters 


Ryan training under the old school martial art Masters /legends

 Mr.James Gray and Mr. Seitu Kenyatta  


 2nd Annual Elite FreeStyle Hapkido Association Hall of Honor 06/23/2013 starting from left.

Sir Tim Ross , G.M. E Dukes ,Sensei Tina Dukes ,G.M. Don Issak  ,Sensei Ryan Yarbrough ,Sensei Rick Potts , Sensei Felix Boggan , Master Dwain Freeman , and Sensei Horace Sessoms Jr.



EFHA - Board of Directors  


 Grand Master Ernest Dukes teaching Ryan Yarbrough martial arts !

Grand Master Ernest Dukes disarming gun with Saif Ullah from Elite FreeStyle Hapkido

 Sensei Richard Waldherr of Wisconsin earned Black Belt 1st Degree in CHINESE DRAGON KEMPO under Ryan Yarbrough ...Whom was granted permission to train him by Grand Master Robert Shook of Texas...

 Kassidie Yarbrough 1st Place in NASKA KARATE Tournament.

 Master Horace Sessoms sparring with Sensei Rich Waldherr...

Sensei Felix Boggan and Chad Nealey disarming a knife under Grand Master E.Dukes 

  Ryan Yarbrough teaching cross sides with Chad Nealey @ The Kuro Bushi Martial Arts Seminars...


 Teaching Submissions  

Sensei Felix Boggan a 2nd Dan in Elite FreeStyle Hapkido  

  Ryan Yarbrough showing 3 key locks from cross sides 

Americana/Kimura/ and a Straight arm lock

Grand Master Michael  Willett of New York  killing Sensei Ryan ! Osh 


Elite FreeStyle Hapkido class 2007. 

10th Dan  Legendary Grand Master Vic Moore.The 1st American kickboxing world champion and Sensei Ryan Yarbrough 2009.



TK Promotion to Jr Black Belt

Hanshi E Dukes showing us how its done

Grand Master Troy Trudeau teaching Ryan Yarbrough some new cane techniques

O'Sensei Derman Hodge Hapkido Camp 2014

Hapkido kids class 2014

Sensei Adam Wardell , Sensei Andrew Duncan,Master Jon Farlow,Sensei Michael Southern,Master Ryan,Semsei Chad Nealey, Sensei Danny Bundy,Brandon Graham

Ryan Yarbrough Kickboxing Black Belt promotion for Sensei Michael Burger

Seminars @ the Kuro Bushi Martial Arts Organization camp & Hall of Honors .

My friend O'Sensei Jonathan Edmondson from NY Bronx

Trained under him many of time thanks to Hanshi E Dukes.2014

Ryan Yarbrough Jiu Jitsu seminar @ KBMA  MMA Seminars with the Legend Dr.GM Michael Willett , President E. Dukes , GM Michael Allison, Master Al Yisreal , Master Berry Soles, GM Craig Hamm

My Son winning Nationals @ 3 yrs old

The old School Dojo in the Trl Park

Sensei Ryan and Chad

 President Ernest Dukesof Kuro Bushi Martial Arts Organization

President Ryan Yarbrough of Elite FreeStyle Hapkido Association

President Troy Trudeau of Worlf Tae Sool Association

President Derman Hodge of World Moo Sool Kwan Federation

Grappling Tournament

Sensei Chad Nealey 1st

Brandon Graham 2nd

Michael Southern 1st

Ryan Yarbrough 2nd 

Elite FreeStyle Hapkido Association Training

Jiu Jitsu Seminar with Fernando Salvador

Hapkido Class

Kickboxing  Camp Tought by Instructor Ryan Yarbrough

Ryan Yarbrough with Sensei Jon Bratley

Kenpo Karate Black Belt Test

Sensei Stephanie Yarbrough &  Nikki Jackson working the tournament KBMA

Grand Master Derman Hodge

Master Sam Albright

Sensei Jon Brantly

Sensei Tina Albright & Sam

2014 KBMA Tournament

Ryan Yarbrough placed 2nd for World Title Belt

Chad Nealey 3rd

Uriah Dickens 1st

Saif Ullah 1st


Hapkido belt promotion at Trinity Martial Arts Center  High Point NC 2007

Cody Campbell and Ryan Yarbrough teaching Hapkido in High Point NC 2008 

Ryan Yarbrough training undeer Ken Ring at Team One 24/7 fitness Winston Salem NC 

Ninjutsu Seminar 2009 Trinity NC 

Hapkido belt promotion for student Chad Nealey  Trinity  NC 2010

Hapkido belt promotion 2008 at Trinity Martial Arts Center  High Point NC 

Ryan Yarbrough and Horace Sessoms training under former ufc champion Jeff(snowman)Monson from American Top Team

Sensei Rob Auman stoping by to see us  afther a long term over sea's in the war against Terrorist in Afganistan 

Hapkido seminar 2011 

 Ryan Yarbrough 1st Dan black belt JuJitsu with student 1st Dan black belt in JuJitsu Rob Auman Trinity NC 2006

Sensei Felix Boggan 

Horace Sessoms and Cody Campbell 

Hapkido Legend GrandMaster Hwang In-Shik former Presidential body guard in Korea and famous for his movies with Bruce Lee,Jackie Chan,Chuck Norris and many more action starrs. 


Ryan Yarbrough and Horace Sessoms training under Master Jason Jung 

 Horace Sessoms and Ryan Yarbrough training under WHA President Hapkido +Taekwondo GrandMaster Tae Jung

Ryan Yarbrough and Horace Sessoms training Hapkido under Master Dan Piller from CO 

Ryan Yarbrough 1st place Karate championship 2006

 Ryan Yarbrough Toughman Contest 

Ryan Yarbrough Toughman Contest 

Ryan Yarbrough Tough Man Contest and Bone Crusher Smith 


Triad Showcase  of Martial Arts 2007 everybody in this pic is a black belt.Among some great world Karate champions

Lacy Green and Marcus Green from Thunder Zone Karate and Larry Dillingham

American Ninjutsu Academy of High Point NC 2003 

Rener Gracie and Horace Sessoms 

Ryan Yarbrough and Rener Gracie 

 Rener Gracie seminar at Needhams Metro Taekwondo Clemmons NC June 10th

Hapkido Master Ryan Yarbrough with Hapkido + Taekwondo Master Joe Needham 

Sensei Cody Campbell IKF Tournament Grand Champion and undefeated in kickboxing 5-0 

Sensei Orr / Ryan Yarbrough / Master Abdul Malik 

American Ninjutsu demo under Sir Tim Ross Archdale NC 

Ryan Yarbrough     Superfoot          Cody Campbell 

IKF Santioned American Kickboxing(kicks waist to head high) IKF middle weight tournament grand champion

and Light Heavy weight div 2nd place  champion in all double eleminations.

  Ryan Yarbrough Tournament GrandChampion double elemination rules all standup/takedowns/grappling and striking on ground

American NinJutSu demo under Sir Tim Ross in Randleman NC 

GrandMaster Hendrix and  Ryan Yarbrough at Kick hunger out of NC Taekwondo Tournament 2008

JuJitsu+Hapkido GrandMaster former UFC 5 fighter  John Dowdy/Master Ryan Yarbrough/Taekwondo Master Eric Neill

Ryan Yarbrough with pro MMA fighter and Purple belt under Royce Gracie JiuJitsu Bobby Gurley